Why is Penny Boarding So Popular?

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Up until now, Penny boarding is highly addicting to kids and teens. Either they use the authentic Penny Board Australia or the imitated Pennys, nothing beats a smooth curve along the park or the streets. The trademark of Penny Board Australia, which is the “penny board,” now becomes a general term for plastic decked short boards. But let’s understand what the hype is all about.

Appearance and design

Of course, the first thing that hooks kids and teens is the deck design, most especially if it is made of bright and loud colors. Not only because the skateboard designs enable them to express their emotions and feelings, but due to the unique details fit for every skater’s personality. Other than that, having beautiful decks makes one proud, right? Probably no one would buy Penny Boards if it wasn’t appealing enough. However, it isn’t the only thing that makes Penny Boards special.


Apart from having attractive deck designs, Penny Boards also became popular due to its size. The penny size is known for the 22-inch decks which can be placed inside bags when not in use. This is the main reason why a lot of kids who went to school purchases penny boards as their mode of transportation. Though there is a special bag to strap the Penny Board snugly to the front of the bag, one may still place it inside a zipped bag. Its small size is also appealing to travelers as they are not having problems whenever they want to keep their Penny Boards. But there is also another reason why these small skates are preferred by many.


Penny Board’s deck may look like an ordinary stretchable plastic, but it isn’t. The authentic Penny Board decks are made out of special material that makes it durable. It can withstand years of use and even if it’s run by a truck. Thus, hobbyist prefers this rather than having to change decks every now and then. However, if you are worried that Mother Earth might hate you for using plastics, don’t be. Recently, Penny Board Australia made their Organic Penny Boards available to the market. These may look like their typical decks on the outside. However, innovators added a secret material without compromising the durability. These biodegradable Pennys are surprising since it eventually breaks down completely when buried under the ground.

Because why not?

They are the improved version of wooden skateboards. With added functionality such as Polyurethane wheels for a smooth ride, improved trucks for easy maneuverability, waffled decks to lessen the use of grip tapes, and much more, skateboard fans can’t help but go loco with the Penny Boards.

With the myriad of types, designs, releases, and brands that claim to be “penny board,” it is confusing as to what kind of penny board you should use. For starters, you can check here for more penny board reviews. It is up to date as we always want to let our readers know the best penny board that they should consider buying. If an authentic Penny Board Australia is too costly for you, don’t worry because we also have a list of cheap penny board that is surely worth your penny.